Murabaha Marina Financing Company keen on adhering to the highest professional standards and efficiency, as well as ensuring the provision of assistance and quick response to any inquiries or complaints which is basically a source for us to develop ourselves.

So you can make a complaint through one of the following methods:

  • Fill out the form and deposit in the complaint box located in the Branches
  • Contact Company's unified number (920033868) Or Free Number 8001111810
  • Filling out the complaint form on our website http://www.mmfco.net
  • By sending e-mail to customer.care@morabaha.com
  • The client will receive notice of the complaint Or shortcomings (if any) within 5 business days
  • Post the results to the customer within a period not exceeding (5 working days) of receipt of the complaint
  • The possibility of pursuing a complaint by calling the unified number or the tall free

In case of dissatisfaction in response to a complaint, you can escalate the complaint through one of the available methods: Contact via email customer.care@morabaha.com


   Phone: 8001111810
Enquiry Complain

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