Company Introduction


Within our values and the Islamic Shari’a spirit and principles, we have started our journey in 2012. And throughout, we have been inspired to deal with our clients and partners, and that’s how we started.

Murabaha Marinah launched its operations promoting its financing services for individuals and SME’s in compliancy with the Islamic Shari'ah principles, by providing a variety of financing products that our individual and corporate clients entail.

The progressive and encouraging Saudi markets, and a trustful relationship with our customers and partners have paved the way to an outstanding achievements. All of that, was based on the principle of commitment and the convenient procedures that was dedicated for all.

Murabaha Marinah is managed by a team with extensive experience in personal financing, installment and management. They work within the company's strategy of providing outstanding services and creating partnerships and alliances that benefit all stakeholders.

And the expansion in the Kingdom major cities has enriched us to be more flexible in providing excellence in all services. And the proximity of the customer has been reinforced by the proximity of place to provide the best always.