1. Is your funding done in a legitimate manner?
Yes, all financing products offered are in accordance with Islamic Shari'a principles.
2. How long does it take to get funding?
The time required to obtain funding depends on the completion of your submission of the required documents.
3. What is your minimum and maximum funding?
You can get financing starting from 5,000 riyals to 250,000 riyals
4. What are the ways to apply for funding?
The customer can submit the initial application through one of the following methods: (visit branch / delegate visit / telephone /  website).
5. Where are the company's branches located?
We have branches in the Most of  cities Please visit branches page
6. How to find the nearest branch?
You can obtain branch information by visiting our branches page on our website or calling 920033868 or 8001111810
7. Can a private sector employee receive funding?
Yes, provided the work is approved.
8. Is the sponsor required to be present at the time of submitting the application?
A sponsor is not required to take the initial approval.
9.Is there a car rental system?
10. Is there an advance payment to finance the lease?
Yes, the minimum payment is 10% of the total value of the vehicle
11- Is the credit record verified in its name?
Yes, where initial approvals are granted based on the customer's credit history in a feature
12- Does stumbling with other financing companies affect funding?
13. What are the methods of payment of funding?
The customer can pay installments from one of the following methods: (through SADAD, bank transfer, branch visit)
14. Are there any administrative fees?
Yes, which is equivalent to 1% of the amount of funding.
15. How can I continue to apply for funding?
You can follow up the application by calling 920033868 or visiting the branch
16. Do you have the possibility of early repayment?
Yes, the customer has the right to request early repayment of the existing financing contract with Murabaha Flexible Company for Finance
17. How is the amount of early repayment calculated?
The amount of the early repayment is calculated as the balance of the financing amount in addition to the total cost of the term for the three months following early repayment. The customer can find out the amount of the early payment by calling the consolidated number 920033868 or visiting the nearest branch of the company.
18. Is cash deposit accepted?
Cash deposit is not accepted for early payment amount and is accepted only in one of the following ways: transfer from the customer account to the company account, payment through the point of sale in the branch, payment through SADAD.
19. In case of early repayment and transfer of the amount, what are the procedures?
Visit the branch and complete the following documents: Copy of the national identity, copy of the transfer receipt, fill out the application form for early payment and issue the final draft.
20. What is the expected duration of closing the contract, issuing the final clearance and updating the credit register?
The finance contract will be closed, the final clearance will be issued and the credit record will be updated within 7 business days from the date of payment and completion of the documents